CUI Training

In the future, GTRC will be providing training for handling and protecting CUI. As they develop their training offering, an alternative is available to satisfy the training necessary to comply with NIST 800-171. Information on how to complete the training is as follows:
  • Navigate to
  • The page that comes up will have a listing of categories for which there is training available.
  • For each category, there is a Transcript and Video. Please review the transcript and/or the video for the subjects to satisfy the training.
    • Note: The section “CUI Briefing January 27, 2017” is not required for this purpose, but if you’d like to watch this video, it can also be found here.
  • Once complete, please navigate to this link to sign off and attest that you have completed the training available.
    • Link: CUI Training Attestation Form
    • IMPORTANT: The form will ask you to authenticate before accessing. Be sure to login with your Georgia Tech username followed by “”.
      • Example:
  • If you have any questions concerning this process, please let us know by emailing